Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to use Contact Lenses

For owners of contact lens it is very important to know how to take care of their lens as well as using the contact lens solution. Millions of people are now switching over to contact lenses from glasses. This is because of the comfort and ease that one gets while wearing a contact lens. Although people are ranting and raving about the qualities of contact lenses, few people have proper information as how to take care of contact lenses. For the first time users it is very hard to take care of their lenses. As contact lenses are very small once you drop them they are destroyed. So extreme care should be taken while handling contact lenses.

So the first thing that you should do before you touch contact lenses is to wash your hands properly with some mild soap. You should always give yourself enough time to wear and remove contact lenses. Meaning that you should never perform these activities in a hurry. Whenever you remove the contact lenses from your eye, you should place it at the center of your palm, so that there are minimal chances of you dropping the lenses.

After this they should always be placed in a solution. To do this you should first hold the contact lens with the index finger of your opposite finger and than rub it gently with the solution for around 30 to 40 seconds. After this you should rinse the contact lenses in a multipurpose cleaning solution. This activity ensures that your contact lenses remain clean. After this you should place the lens in the contact lens case. The same process should also be repeated with the other lens also. You should always keep the contact lens case in a place away from sunlight and dust and in a cool place.

Now there are two types of contact lenses that most people wear – the hard contact lenses and the soft contact lenses while the procedure for wearing and removing as well as taking care of the lenses is the same on both the cases, major difference lies in the quality. The hard lenses do not destroy easily even if they are dropped, but soft lenses can be destroyed once you drop them. But as regards comfortability soft lens is far better when compared to hard contact lenses.

Also the cleaning process of Hard contact lenses is different when compared to soft contact lenses. The usual removing and than rinsing and cleaning procedure is the same. But in a Hard contact lens four different kinds of solution should be used in a week. They are daily cleaner, saline solution, enzymatic cleaner and soaking solution. You should always remember that caring for your contact lenses means that you are caring for your vision and also adding life to your contact lenses.